Upcoming Features:

  • Currently  a new dimension is in production called Alatur.
    • Blocks
      • Data Block - Natural block in Alatur; similar properties to dirt/grass.
      • Virus Block - Block which injures colliding players; bad Data.
      • Hyper Block - A block which 'teleports' colliding players about 50 blocks ahead.
    • Mobs - Common to both the Antiviral and Viral Factions
      • Pawn - A bipedal entity which attacks with its fist. Even data-men enjoy fisticuffs.
      • Hornet - A semi-autonomous entity which hovers about and zaps those which it finds to be nuisances.
    • Biomes - Similar to the Nether and the 'hell' biome.
      • Array - A flatland of data and virus blocks.
      • TCP/IP Bridge - A large chasm crossable by naturally occurring hyper blocks.
      • Data Stream - An ocean-like mass of 1's and 0's. Swimmable.

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